Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Creatives Celebrations coming for 2011

2011 is going to be a great year! I wanted to start writing more which is why I started this blog last year! However I didn't have the motivation to keep up with it. I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to say. So I have a great plan for 2011 to keep this blog active!
You know how it seems like everyday is "national something day"? Well each week I plan to make at least one new craft going along with on the current national days. 2011 is the year of the hare in the Chinese zodiac.

The united nations has also declared 2011 international year of forests! I am so excited that I decided to do this year for just those two things! I already have a cross stitch picked out for year of the hare, and it's a big one so it might take be all year to get it done! And as far as international year of forests, you can expect lots of forest themed crafts from me seeing as I LOVE all things woodland. Gnomes, deer, squirrels, owl, HEDGEHOGS, trees and birds :) Some of my most favorite things of all time!

January is the national month of several different things.
  • National Bath Safety Month
  • National Blood Donor Month
  • National Braille Literacy Month
  • National Hobby Month
  • Hot Tea Month
  • National Oatmeal Month
  • National Soup Month
I can already think of several neat crafts to share with you guys! I think it being national hobby month is a good sign as well. I will probably share some of my recipes too. And as a self proclaimed tea enthusiasts I'll be sure to share all the interesting tidbits I know about the delicious refreshment.

If you know any national days you'd like for me to craft along to, just let me know! I'm excited and look forward to a great year of celebrating and crafting!

*By the way just wanted to give a shout out to The Graphics Fairy. Thanks so much for providing all those wonderful vintage images!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free Shipping Sale!

Had a really great time at the Robbinsville craft fair last weekend! Now I am hosting a free shipping sale over at my etsy store. Many new listings going up this week so please stop by!
super soft bunnies perfect for Easter basketsSweet pig made from fleece! Available soon at my etsy store!

Crocheted amigurumi piglet available soon at my etsy store!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

100% Handcrafted- A Cutting Edge Art and Craft Fair

Hello friends!
I just wanted to invite everyone out on March 20th from 10-3 at Robbinsville High School in New Jersey for an awesome craft fair.

Do your shopping off the beaten path at the 4th annual 100% Hand crafted arts and crafts fair (no avon or tubberware sellers here!) You will find one of a kind gifts for everyone in your life. Over 50 local artisans, whose specialties include pottery, jewelery, botanical, wood, paper, textiles, photography, metal, candles, soaps and gourmet food products, will showcase their works in the high school's beautiful skylight common area. Admission is FREE! There will also be a raffle. Money raised will help support the high schools drama and music programs. And as a former high school drama and music geek I am excited to be participating. Stop by my table to say hello. mention this blog and receive $2 off your entire purchase.

Please click this link for more info and directions to the show. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bargain Hunters Delight!

Recently I mentioned how I shop year round for Operation Christmas Child. Today I found such a good deal I almost fainted! Currently Wal-Mart has put some shoe box size plastic totes on clearance. I got a pack of 6- yes 6- totes for only $1!!!!!!!!!!!! That's only .17 cents a piece :) You can't even find that price at your local dollar store!
Now I don't usually encourage people to shop at Wal-Mart but this is such a great deal I can't help but share with everyone!
Operation Christmas Child doesn't require a plastic container. You can use a regular cardboard shoebox. I just prefer the plastic ones because I know it will last longer. Also I can never seem to find my saved shoe boxes by the time the holidays roll around....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free Chicken Amigurumi Pattern

Hello everyone! I have been busy getting ready for a craft show in March. While stocking up on spring themed toys I created a chicken amigurumi pattern. He came out just like I imagined him. Wish I could say the same about all the patterns I create.

Pattern Use Edited Dec 2010
Please do not post this pattern on other websites or personal blogs. Please do not sell this pattern. You may sell items made from this pattern but I would appreciate an email to let me know if you are planning on selling them on line. ( snoodlestudio(at)gmail(dot)com ). Please link back to me at snoodlestudio.etsy.com and use my name Heather Casavant and website on tags. No mass production of items made with this pattern.

Happy Crafting!

worsted weight yarn in white, yellow, orange, and red
crochet hook G
yarn needle
stuffing, i use polyester fiberfill

Body- make 1
made in a spiral do not join rounds
Make a magic circle
Round 1-Ch 1 , then 6 sc into circle (6)
Round 2 -2 sc into each sc around (12)
Round 3- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next sc, repeat around (18)
Round 4- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next 2 sc, repeat around (24)
Round 5- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next 3 sc, repeat around (30)
Round 6- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next 4 sc, repeat around (36)
Row 7-15- Sc in each sc around (36)
Round 16- sc2tog, sc in next 4 sc, repeat around (30)
Round 17- sc2tog, sc in next 3 sc, repeat around (24)
Round 18- sc2tog, sc in next 2 sc, repeat around (18)
Round 19- sc2tog, sc in next sc, repeat around (12)
Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!
Round 20- sc2tog around (6)
Fasten off- close up hole- weave in end

Wings -make 2
made in a spiral do not join rounds
Make a magic circle
Round 1-Ch 1 , then 6 sc into circle (6)
Round 2 -2 sc into each sc around (12)
Round 3- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next sc, repeat around (18)
Round 4- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next 2 sc, repeat around (24)
Fasten off, leave tail for sewing onto body

Beak- make 1
made in a spiral do not join rounds
Make a magic circle
Round 1-Ch 1 , then 6 sc into circle (6)
Round 2 -2 sc into each sc around (12)
Round 3- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next sc, repeat around (18)
Fasten off, leave tail for sewing onto body

Feet- make 2
Leave a tail for sewing onto body and Chain 2
Row 1- 3 sc into 2nd chain from hook , chain 1, turn (3)
Row 2- sc across, chain 1 turn (3)
Row 3- in each st (sl dc sl) (9)
Fasten off, weave in end

Head Comb
Sc into the top of the body 3 time (make a row, not all in the same stitch) chain 1 turn (3)
Sc across, DO NOT CHAIN but turn (3)
Sc2tog, sc in next sc DO NOT CHAIN but turn (2)
Sc2tog DO NOT CHAIN but turn (1)
Sc (1)
Fasten off

Next to last triangle sc into the body 2 times (make a row, not all in the same stitch) chain 1 turn (2)
Sc across, DO NOT CHAIN but turn (2)
Sc2tog, DO NOT CHAIN but turn (1)
Sc (1)
Fasten off

Next to last triangle sc into the body 2 times (make a row, not all in the same stitch) chain 1 turn (2)
Sc2tog, DO NOT CHAIN but turn (1)
Sc (1)
Fasten off

Fold beak circle in half, secure closed with tail and sew flat edge to body about half way down in line with comb. Sew wings to sides of body. Sew feet to bottom of body.

Happy Spring!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun with felt!

I bought a huge pack of felt at a discount store earlier this month and have been having a lot of fun!

The first thing I made was this adorable scotty dog from Allsorts. This pattern has been sitting on my back burner for awhile and I think he came out so cute!

Then I found a website that had several toy patterns to make out of felt. The instructions were easy to follow and I made up several animals within a few days.

I also tried to make some dolls. I love Runo dollmaker's website. His patterns are fun. I also follow his blog. Unfortunaly even with Runo's great patterns I am just not great at making doll clothes so my dollies are still naked- EEKKK! I'll keep you updated when I finally make them some decent clothes!

Anyway felt it fun. Try some of the patterns I showed you or make up your own! Now that I have made several of these guys I feel more confident in designing my own pattern! Hopefully I'll have something new and original to show you soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

My first toy drops!

A few weeks ago I mentioned The Toy Society and I did my first two drops today!

The first drop I did was at the library on McGuire Air Force Base. There are a lot of windows in the front but I was lucky that a delivery truck was parked outside. I think it blocked anyone from watching what I was doing! I stuck the corner of the plastic bag into the drop off box. It felt a little funny leaving a bag with toys inside of it just hanging outside. I snapped a few pictures before I ran away!

The second drop was much easier! I went to Wacky World playground on McGuire Air Force Base. It was a Friday afternoon so all the neighborhood kids were still at school. I just drove up and hung my second drop from part of the playground. We've been having unusually warm weather this winter so I am sure she will be found soon!I have another two drops ready to go. Hopefully tomorrow I will go for a walk and do some drops around downtown Mount Holly!

This is really a lot of fun and so easy to do. If you have older children who can help make toys I think it would be a good teaching tool about sharing and selflessness. I encourage everyone to give it a try :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

Yes, I am already planning for NEXT Christmas! If you haven't heard of Operation Christmas Child I recommend you go to their website and check it out. The program asks volunteers to fill shoe boxes with items for children in need. The shoe boxes are sent around the world, the two I did last year went to the Ukraine!
Anyway it can be a little expensive to fill a shoe box if you aren't planning ahead. Even if you buy everything from the dollar store it will cost at least $10 a box plus the donation they ask to cover the cost of shipping. This year I promised myself I would fill AT LEAST 10 boxes. To do this and not break the bank I have already started looking for deals.
I recommend shopping in the clearance aisle at regular department stores rather than going to cheap places like The Dollar Tree. This way you are only spending a fraction of the price for a quality item that you know will last longer. Also I like to go to discount stores that buy department stores overstock. Again quality items that will last longer but cost less.
I was on vacation last week and indulged myself in a little bargain hunting at a local discount store. I spent about $20 and I bought:

10 coloring books
6 picture books
6 sticker books
10 toothbrushes
10 tubes of toothpaste
4 small puzzles
8 action figures
6 tins of hard candy
2 blankets

This isn't enough to fill my 10 boxes so I will continue to look for deals in the months to come. I am especially looking forward to later in the year when I can find seasonal themed clothes on clearance. (think spring/easter t shirts on clearance this summer and flip flop on sale this fall!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Toy Society

I just heard of this great thing called Toy Society. I can't wait to participate!
It is a street art project where people make handmade toys and leave them somewhere to be found. The finder gets to keep the toy forever and ever to enjoy and love. All the Toy Society asks is that the finder send and email to let the member know that one of toy drops had been found. The Toy Society provides templates for tags and a little informative letter to be included with the toy.

I am so excited to join because I have a few dozen toys that I discontinued in my etsy shop and I didn't know what to do with them except donate to a local thrift store. Toy Society sounds like a lot more fun!

You can follow Toy Society on their blog, click here!

I'll keep everyone updated on my participation with this wonderful project!